December 24, 2011

A Holiday Walk | Greenfield Hill

Greenfield Hill, Connecticut is a part of Fairfield that is filled with a wonderful blend of antique houses built in the 1930s. Many of them are designed by architect, Cameron Clark. Clark lived in Greenfield Hill and had offices in Southport and Manhattan. He is well-known for his residential work and for his redesign in 1939, of the Fairfield Town Hall. Clark was married to Agnes Selkirk, a graduate of the Lowthorpe School of Landscape Architecturea school for women founded in 1901, specializing in landscape architecture and horticulture—located in Groton, Massachusetts. Agnes worked for renowned landscape architect and teacher Ellen Biddle Shipman before opening her own Park Avenue office.

Not all of these houses were designed by Clark, but they are all gems that I wanted to share with you. I took these photographs on an afternoon walk last winter. The architectural details and stonewalls are timeless and elegant and truly Connecticut.

Everything looks particularly beautiful in late afternoon winter light.

Here is the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church that sits on the green. It's the church I got married in almost 14 years ago. In the month of May, there is a lovely Dogwood Festival here. It's been a tradition for 76 years. I hope you enjoyed our afternoon walk around Greenfield Hill. Wishing you glad tidings and all the best in the New Year!


  1. Very enterprising walk, very invigorating images, very reminiscent for me of happy days doing the same, irresistible thing, in winter in Connecticut while at law school; very gorgeous. It really takes one back, in the most positive way - no Civil Procedure class! Delicious.

  2. Happy Christmas Eve Laurent... I am delighted that you understand how this takes one back - I also remember taking a moonlit walk on a cold Christmas night with my four siblings, when we gathered one year at a house in Roxbury, Connecticut. Merry Christmas to you.

  3. So lovely!! Greenfield Hill is such a beautiful area. I love Cameron Clark houses. Did you know that Ellen Biddle Shipman did the garden at the DCA?

  4. P.G.T.,
    You would love this walk around Greenfield Hill!

    Stacey Q,
    I did not know that about EBS + the DCA. Both of my sisters had their wedding receptions there.

  5. Love my town Boo....thanks for sharing the lovely architecture here, that sold me on moving here over 20 years ago! ox, Mais

  6. I enjoyed my walk with you immensely! Such inspired architecture.

  7. I enjoyed this too. What a treat! Just beautiful. Thanks, Barbara.

  8. Hi Mais and Viv and Court,
    So happy you came along and thank you for visiting!! ox Barbara

  9. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous houses. My brother goes to Fairfield University so I get to enjoy the area often!

  10. Beautiful. I could easily live there!

  11. Hi Missy,
    Wonderful that you can spend time here! Great shopping in Westport {Bungalow + Dovecote are my favorites}!

    Hi Tiffany,
    Happy you enjoyed the walk. I read your Whole Foods review and you have reminded me that I need a tub of coconut oil! Thanks ; )

  12. this post makes me miss living up north terribly.
    this is truly an amazing property.

    you should to a summer and a fall walk around the property. i would love that!

    happy weekend

  13. Hi Renée! Great thought and I will do a spring walk when the dogwoods are in bloom. It's just amazing. Happy weekend to you, too! ox

  14. Ooooo I agree with Renee! A walk through the seasons would be a walk to remember!
    xo Lisa

  15. I was just in Ct. the other day and part of me wants to move there and the other part wants to stay right here. I do love the North East and the architecture. Great images. Happy weekend.

  16. i'm with Renee, this should be a "thing" that you do. this little walking tour was so much fun. afternoon sunlight, great architecture and grounds. awesomeness.

    i've missed visiting!


  17. I fully expect a phone call next time you're in the hood... it will be followed by a cocktail, of course, my treat! XOXO

  18. Jg. Always great even though I'm late to see you! ox

    Jess, of course we will get together for that cocktail! Happy New Year! ox

  19. George Vreeland HillOctober 30, 2013

    The whole area is beautiful.
    Just what New England is supposed to look like.

    George Vreeland Hill


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