June 30, 2011

Horst | Summer Style

Franco Zeffirelli veranda ~ Positano, 1970

Summer is here at last and so is lingering in summer spaces. The photography that Horst shot for Vogue and House & Garden in the 1960s, 70s and 80s has such enduring appeal. Right now, I'm drawn to spaces with summer-style. I hope you are finding time to linger in summer spaces, too.

Gloria Guinness "palapa" room ~ Acapulco, 1970

Antenor Patino summer house pool ~ Portugal, 1960

Oscar de la Renta house ~ Dominican Republic, 1970

Nonie & Thomas Schippers' conservatory ~ Cincinnati, 1970

Doris Duke swimming pool pavillion at Shangri-La ~ Hawaii, 1960

Images courtesy,
Horst Interiors


  1. Can you imagine B having Doris Duke's swimming pavilion overlooking the ocean? The breezes breathing in and breathing out and the scent of the salt air. Ohhh...and a few cocktails every now & again just to break up the day?

    I loved each timeless image, so great to see. Happy pre-4th weekend my friend. I wish you fun, fireworks and laughs. All my best to you and Billy xo xo

  2. Hi Deb! Thanks for stopping in. I love the Positano veranda! Yes... timeless. These Horst photos are treasures and so are the vintage issues of Vogue and House & Garden. Happy 4th dear friend. Let's chat on FB. OX

  3. All so elegant and beautiful but I think the Franco Zeffirelli veranda in Positano is my favorite!! Lounging in the classic wicker under the shade of flowering vines overlooking the Mediterranean - just doesn't get much better than that!! Oh - and don't forget the wine or prosecco!

  4. Hi Q! I agree and wish we were all there right now!! A little blog retreat. Happy 4th!! ox

  5. Yes, seems we should all head off the Positano. That is my preference too. pgt

  6. The Astonishing thing is none of these are dated in any way!! Truly timeless,

  7. Hi Penelope! The secret to good design just might be trendless = timeless! ; )

  8. beautiful especially the Positano veranda

  9. barb -- i want in on some of that positano action! every time i see it (or any place on the amalfi coast) on some film, i always get a longing in my soul to visit and just wile away the day ...

  10. Jg., you are IN!! We would not go without you. Great to see you... I must visit soon. ; )

  11. The Cincinnati conservatory trumps them all, quite dramatically, for adapting elegantly to a temperate climate. I honestly wish people could see this. Of course FZ will have a movie set perched above the Amalfi coast; of course the de la Rentas will have redundant pillows, 'comme il faut' in a grossly unjust nation. But for heaven's sake, for a handsome adaptation of a life of ease to a setting of hereditary obligation, the Schippers' conservatory is not only exemplary, it is instructive. The posting, naturally, is gorgeous throughout.

  12. Thank you Laurent. I agree about the Schipper's conservatory. Orchestrated, beautifully.


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