November 10, 2010


Assorted "Hotel Finds" from Claridges to the Plaza Athénée

On November 20, Stair Auctioneer & Appraisers of Hudson, New York will auction the Estate of writer & journalist, Dominick Dunne. The sale includes items from Dunne's Connecticut house and New York City apartment. Lots include his beloved Jaguar XJS convertible he called "Audrey" {after his friend Audrey Hepburn}... books, quite a bit of Staffordshire and Majolica, paintings, European and American furniture, and a lot more. I am particularly interested in the small personal desk and entertaining lots—from the hotel finds above to the miscellaneous flatware, small sterling trays and Chinese scalloped-edge plates shown below. You can see all lots here.

Another interesting sale takes place this weekend at Northeast Auctions in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It includes items from the estate of an old friend, Richard B. Faber. Richard "Dickie" started buying antiques at the age of 12 and was an avid collector until his death, just last year. Dickie had a profoundly educated eye and combed for antiques for years from New England and New York to Europe. For a while, he kept a flat in '60s London and he lived in a chic chocolate-brown apartment on Boston's Beacon Hill. Click the image below to view lots at Northeast Auctions.


  1. oh how beautiful. I always think its kind of a bit sad when these very personal things are auctioned off!

  2. Hi Jane,
    I do too.... but I think in some ways, it keeps the memory alive of the person here on earth!

  3. I hope my estate sale is a commentary of my life and brings joy not sadness:( I agree with Jane. Dominique D., Jackie O.,etc.including all those we love at one time or another will be placed before us, albeit Sothebys or grandmother's kitchen table either way it is bitter sweet,yet intriguing!

  4. Your comments are so timely - a friend of mine and I were just having this same exchange this week. I do think having those "things" keeps them here, as you say.

    The hotel finds are particularly appealing.

  5. I have always adored Dunne, his style, pananche and his collections seem so intriguing.

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    Art by Karena

  6. Hi, Barb -- your posts always reveal such a great aesthetic skill-set. interestingly, this post is about the taste of others, in their estate sales.

    i actually met dominick (not at some swanky hollywood soiree, that i would love to intimate) one night at a rite aid drugstore on sunset blvd. we were both in the check-out line, and i had a young beautiful baby, er, co-worker, waiting impatiently in the car (we were heading off to our own work-related soiree at The W). so, at the risk of upsetting her further, i placed my bet on talking (albeit briefly) with the amazing chronicler of hollywood mayhem, murder, and intrigue. he was a gentlemen to the end, and we traded names of friends in the industry. (i was/am a huge fan of his son's film "after hours" and shared that with him as well.)

    enough name dropping (i am an insufferable boor!). thanks for visiting my site when i get around to posting!!

  7. oh, i would treasure a little piece from his collection! i adored him.


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