September 16, 2009


Equestrian style has always found its way into fashion particularly each fall season. There is something so American about the look—driven by the genius of Ralph Lauren; and so French—driven by the history of saddle-maker Hermès; and of course, so English—as Great Britain and its horse culture are inseparable. But as we look to fall fashion and to fill our closets with something chic and sporty, current looks can be a tad pricey. This is why going straight to horse's mouth makes the most sense for Equestrian fashion. New England-based Dover Saddlery is dedicated to providing a broad selection of the best tack available, and great apparel, too. You can't beat these prices for the Sterling Show Coat [$277], On Course Schooler Riding Tight [$37], Aigle Jumping Boot [$190], Joules Cowdray Striped Shirt [$85], Horseweave Newmarket Tote [$33], and my all time favorite Ovation Crochet Riding Glove [$14]. Giddy-up!


  1. Someone's done a wellington as two toned riding boot that I think would be very chic for the rainy days! Have to find them....

  2. I wear those fox hunting style boots every single day in the winter!

  3. The pair shown here are PVC - look of leather functionality of rubber... I'm getting a pair! Emerson, everyone needs to read your weekly "Living In" on design*sponge - fabulous!

  4. this is magical, thank you so much! I'm web-avigating over there immediately for that striped shirt :) I owe you one.


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