April 16, 2009


Grey Gardens premieres this Saturday at 8pm on HBO.
How could a ravishing young debutante and her life-of-every-party mother—relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, no less—become crazy cat ladies, occupying a dilapidated 28-room East Hampton mansion? Grey Gardens, an HBO movie inspired by the eponymous documentary shot in 1973, doesn't fully answer that question—indeed, there's a rather sizable hole in the story—but nevertheless has a fabulous time contemplating it, showcasing marvelous performances by Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. ~ Variety
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Link to New York Times article about how Grey Gardens was reborn 


  1. I just saw this movie and the performances of both women was incredible! I really was able to forget it was Drew and Jessica, they were both so believable, not an easy thing to do, especially after such a powerful documentary.

  2. Years ago, my friend Jane and I got caught sneaking into Grey Gardens {while it was being renovated} by new owners Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn... Ooops!


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