November 4, 2013


Photographer & Surfer Ivan Terestchenko

Ivan Terestchenko is a true Renaissance man. An artist who has enriched his soul riding waves and photographing some of the most elegantly understated and grand interiors around the world. Ivan was born in England and educated in France. He studied art history at the École du Louvre and was a painter until the age of thirty, when he switched to photography and landed his first assignment with French Vogue. 

Azzedine Alaia | Paris, 1992 by Ivan Terestchenko

He is a photographer who sees the calm amidst the mélange and the artistry in the meditative—the story as it unfolds. His work shines as someone who is highly aware of all around him. I asked Ivan how his love of surfing intertwines with his work — "both worlds appear to be quite the opposite, photography tells a story towards a large audience, surfing tells nothing but a dance with the ocean and oneself only but they both demand to be approached gently, silently, unobtrusively, with a readiness to blend in."

Rosita & Ottavio Missoni | Venice, 2006 by Ivan Terestchenko

Loulou de la Falaise | Paris, 2005 by Ivan Terestchenko

The photographs from Ivan's latest book Beyond Chic from Vendome Press are timeless studies that take you to the apartments and palazzi of couturiers, stylists, muses, and fashion personalities. From Italian Vogue's Franca Sozzani's riad in Marrakesh to the iconic rue Cambon apartment of Coco Chanel, every shot is taken from a masterful perspective. When Ivan enters a room, it's much like he is waiting in a vast ocean for that perfect wave—and when his camera clicks—you know all of his senses are at work. 

Stefano Pilati | Paris, 2012 by Ivan Terestchenko

Laudomia Pucci | Florence, 1995/2000 by Ivan Terstchenko

Cover Photo | Gilles DuFour | Paris 2004

Each chapter {19 in all} begins with charming anecdotes about visits to these marvelous spaces, written by Ivan. On his visit to the NYC apartment of Maxime de la Falaise —"Maxime was detached and affable, dressed like an unusually elegant gypsy fortuneteller in the midst of her encampment. Before I settled down to take my pictures, she put forth a plate of sandwiches; at the time she was supplying sandwiches to several of New York's trendiest nightclubs." 

Beyond Chic is for all who love fashion, interiors, and design. And, it's just that. BEYOND.

Buy the book here.

Visit Ivan's blog here and his Tales from the Van here.
Soul Surfers {Ivan's visual record of three years of surfing along the Basque Coast, Morocco, and California} here.
Thank you to Vendome Press for Ivan's book.
All photographs used with permission from the photographer and publisher.


  1. I had the great pleasure of meeting Ivan with Lisa from Bloomsbury Life, what a down to earth being with extraordinary zest for life and capturing it's soul in beyond breathtaking images.

  2. What a marvellous review of Ivan't latest book Barbara. I love when you wrote, "When Ivan enters a room, it's much like he is waiting in a vast ocean for that perfect wave—and when his camera clicks—you know all of his senses are at work". I wish I had the opportunity to meet such a man as Patricia and Lisa did. Once that is so keenly aware of what surrounds him and his connection to what he's trying to capture with his camera. Someone such as Ivan is a rare breed. His book would be a joy to own.

    xx Deb

  3. Hi B: as always I love reading your posts and they are rich with details - I certainly want to pick up this stylish and informative book, maybe as a holiday gift for my designer pal. Hope you are well and your etsy shop it selling items like "hot cakes" xo tamara

  4. Fabulous!! As you know, I am another in the camp of Ivan fans!! Can't wait to see this volume!!

  5. oh so Very Chic!

    thank you for sharing.

  6. love the chairs in that second picture


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