February 5, 2011


Kelly Wearstler has started a blog called, My Vibe My Life. I'm already inspired by her very first post that describes her process of creating "vibe trays" for each project. I love this concept and felt so awakened by this burst of beautiful blues, created for a bedroom in a Kuwait estate. It will be exciting to learn more about what inspires Kelly through My Vibe My Life. And, I think it will join Lulu's Trail of Inspiration as a go-to place to get inspired. I can imagine "vibe trays" as the next big thing in a book about color, Wearstler-style.

Images: My Vibe My Life


  1. I think the concept is so inspiring as well and agree that it will be a concept for the next book on color. Have you started writing that yet? Thanks for sharing such a great designer and her concepts on color. In the Schumacher showroom we display fabrics by try of color as well.

  2. Littlecj, I love the whole idea of trays... and "vibe" trays... so California and so KWID in spirit! I promise to visit the Schumacher showroom soon ; ).

  3. haven't gotten into the vibe tray, but at business events that i've been to over the years, they'll do something with a box of the most disjointed, unrelated items and ask you to make a machine out of them that will do some function ... almost like a rube goldberg, but not as cool.

    when my mom past recently, i hadn't taken any keepsakes for myself, but one thing i did salvage that my dad was ready to toss, was a brass tray that i'll keep and serve drinks on, and fondly remember her each time.

    another good one!

  4. I'm excited about this as well! Even the title type is inspirational. The tray idea is so simple but fabulous - and there was already so much to study!!

  5. Jg., Great to have salvage the brass tray. It can be your "mom vibe" tray... lovely ; )

  6. Hi Q! I love the simplicity as well and seeing all the trays lined-up on the table in her studio. I love the blog logo... it's perfect.


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