March 3, 2010


When it comes to my surroundings, I am quite adventurous with bold patterns and colors like hot orange-y pinks. But time after time, I come back to my favorite blue. A wonderful book on the subject is Carolyne Roehm's A Passion for Blue & White. It's full of beautiful images [including all shown here] of blues from living to giving to pool and garden. All of the photographs were taken in Carolyne's Manhattan duplex, houses in Connecticut and Colorado, and her former pied-à-terre in Paris. "Blue and white has been a constant in my interior design work, from my first bachelorette pad to an enormous house on the beach. I have always been inspired by nature, and no other color combination is as omnipresent as glorious blue and white in all its tints and hues." ~ Carolyn Roehm

FYI: The current issue of House Beautiful is all about blue! On the subject of color... also, take a look at The Lisa Porter Collection and Lisa's wonderful post about brown, an earthy complement to sky blue.


  1. Barbara,
    I'm in heaven! What a nice post & mention too!
    Nobody does blue better than Carolyne Roehm. I must get this book. So glad you did a post on my favorite color...something to distract me from the chocolate! Always fun to visit with you.
    xo Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa! Your brown post is so great. Carolyne Roehm's wonderful book is blogged about a lot... but it's really a must for all libraries!! ox B

  3. Greetings Barbara - Happy Friday. When we moved to TX I went on a no blue strike, and it's haunted me ever since. I miss the calm, airy, ocean/sky appeal of blues. Once we move again, blue is back. I too enjoyed Lisa's post about brown, another of my favorites for wall color.
    Hoping your weekend is a relaxing one? All my best to you xx

  4. Barbara -- REALLY like the blue and white thing, though I couldn't decorate with these colors. However, when I was in grad school, I lived very close to Colonial Williamsburg, and so my ex and I were inspired to pain our boys' dresser Federal Blue. We did this nifty undercoat, and so many several coats later, the thing looked (and still does) amazing. Something majestic about the colors and the pics you chose for this post. Have a great upcoming weekend! - Jg.

  5. It's funny, all my life I've had a passion for the very old blue & white pieces from the Orient.
    I've never tired of them. I group them in a collection-type of environment, which makes them even more impressive. All flowers look lovely with them. Thank you for this lovely post. Love your collages. xx's Marsha

  6. Thank you Marsha... yes, blue and white must be good to our souls!! Thoughts of the sky, the sea... of course. I was just checking out your Elizabeth Taylor post - she's wonderful and her eyebrows in the first photo - OMG perfection!! ;) Barbara


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