October 28, 2009


I doubt that Diana Vreeland would have ever been caught dead in UGGs! I asked my best friend Mark to illustrate the thought above—DV as a blogger in UGGs. What do you think? Just the other day, my niece sent a text to my sister from Rome stating that, "UGGs are too American for Rome," and that she "needed a new pair of boots sent asap from Urban Outfitters." Smart girl with a smart angle to score a new pair of boots. But when she gets back to her snowy New England campus this winter, I'm sure she'll be happy with UGGs that she can quickly slip her bare feet into and dash-off to class.

I love this new style from UGG called the Smithfield. They are sort of UGG meets Hollister Hovey. Sporty, smart, perfect. You can get a pair here.

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